b-side contemporary arts festival

b-sideRichard DeDomenici Portland Bill Redux contemporary arts festival returns this year to take an alternative view of Portland, Dorset exploring this dramatic and beguiling island location and its rich geographical, social and cultural histories.

Artists have been researching the area, collecting ideas and information from Portland residents who have contributed to many of the new artworks being created.

b-side creates temporary experiences and often accidental encounters with art, big events to celebrate and quiet moments to reflect. This year’s Festival will include live music, performance, sonic landscapes , sculpture, film, magnetically manipulated performing sculptures, a magical night time bike ride, a pop up Talkaoke game show, a debate with a Rabbit (or long eared invader as they are known on Portland) and an art confessional.

Tim Spooner has created a puppet show set against a backdrop of the sea. The puppets are created from found materials and unusual substances manipulated by magnets and electricity, and the audience will see the operator through a transparent booth.

Alistair Gentry has been exploring the folklore around the lagomorph which must not be named on Portland. Dressed in a bizarre, slightly disturbing costume, he will talk to local people and festival visitors, gathering and telling tales of the long-eared furry animals.

Tom Marshman will share the memories and thoughts of people who have sponsored a seat at The Royal Manor Theatre on Portland. His performance draws on the frequently incredible lives of local residents and will be performed at the theatre for seat sponsors and festival visitors.

Festival Producer Sandy Kirkby said:
“We have gathered a wonderful selection of artists for this year’s festival. Our artists have been working on Portland over the last year, investigating, researching and collecting stories, ideas, information and artefacts to create artworks that offer everyone another way of exploring place – a b-side journey. Artists can help us look at the world differently, explore a new place or rediscover familiar places and see things in a different light.”

b-side Festival takes place from 5 to 14 September and includes a mix of free and ticketed events. Full programme http://www.b-side.org.uk


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